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Poems from the Heart

        The pages listed here are each dedicated to the poetry of one individual.  It shows that person's way of looking at their life, and the lives and world around them.  Again, if you enjoy their poetry, please drop them an email, and let them know.

        There are many pages of poetry here - I would be willing to bet that you wouldn't be able to go through them all in one visit.  You would definately want to come back many times to see all there is here.  And check to see if the pages have been updated recently - there may be new poems to see from someone you like!

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[Link] Courtney's Home Page.
Pretty poetry from a pretty, young, sweet and sensible girl.
[Link] Eryn's Poetry.
This is beautiful, and quite touching poetry written by a sweet, and level-headed 16 year old who lost her father to cancer in October of 1997.
[Link] From the Heart of Jan.
Jan writes exceptionally beautiful poems about the people, and times in her life.
[Link] Looking For My Sun.
"They are poems about my life and feelings...  sadness and happiness...   We all need love to survive and grow as we also need the sun...   That is one of the reasons for my screen name...  I was looking for my sun...."  - Sun4Amy
[Link] Love Notes by Judy Lynn Ryan.
"Love Notes" from a talented poet with an interest in Angels.  She has also written a book of Angel Poems, and there is a link here to her Home Page, where you can order the book.
[Link] Love Poems by Hopeful Heart.
This is all my own original poetry. Emotions influenced by love, friendship, influences... Some bright, some dark, some serious, and some just in fun. I hope you like it!
[Link] Love Poems by Kentucky Bonnie.
Poems of life, living, and loving by a southern belle enjoying the simple life.
[Link] Milisa's Home Page.
Poetry, pictures and fun!
[Link] Milisa's Poetry Page.
Simple, true-to-heart poetry by a lovely young woman from Georgia.
[Link] Poems by MsAngelt.
If you like angels, love poems, and just plain uplifting poetry - you'll like MsAngelt's poems.
[Link] Poetry by BK.
As you drift through the following pages, relax and try to ease into a time in your own past.  Many of you will no doubt be able to relate, so, sit back, and enjoy. - BK
[Link] Poetry by Carol Overholt.
You can tell by her words that she has a beautiful heart.
[Link] Poetry by Ginger Marie.
Thoughts and poems of Love by a lovely young woman from Southern California.
[Link] Poetry by JoAnn.
Wonderful, family-oriented poetry by a warm, wonderful woman who helped me through one of the most traumatic times of my life.
[Link] Poetry by Morning Star.
I met Morning Star on AOL, and she writes pretty poetry, much of which has a warm Native American flair to it.

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Poems of Remembrance

        Four pages of poetry written by people (mostly) from the Widows and Widowers Room on AOL about the lost loves of their life.  Truly beautiful.  When you realize the amount of pain that this beauty came out of, it becomes awesome, in the true sense of the word.  Please visit all four pages, and if the poetry you read here touches you, email the authors (their names are at the bottom of each poem) and let them know.  Maybe your words can touch them as well.

        It was these poems, and these people, that inspired me to build this entire site.

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